September 2022


FAQ: Vivace Micro Needling

The Vivace Experience is part of the newest generation of collagen induction therapy. This FDA-cleared procedure is a non-surgical option that helps our skin stimulate natural collagen that decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and helps tighten/tone the face. More and more men and women are signing up for the Vivace experience, even RealSelf …

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What Is BHR Hormone Therapy

BHR hormone therapy utilizes bioidentical hormones to gain a number of different effects. BHR therapy can help clients with a variety of issues from menopause to low energy. Hormones are responsible for a lot of our body’s functions. Hormones naturally occur in our bodies and control our moods, our metabolisms, energy levels, sex drives, and …

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Afraid Of Needles? Don’t Let That Stop You From Getting Botox & Fillers!

Botox & Filler Injections Fillers & Botox are some of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the country. These treatments are administered with a very fine needle. Many patients are surprised that the treatment is significantly different from other injections they may have had in a medical context. The treatment is quick, convenient, and …

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FAQ: Facial Fillers

When deciding to get fillers or Botox for the first time, you probably have a few questions. At Kathryn Russo Aesthetics in Newton Centre, we would be happy to answer any of those questions via phone or email. However, we have gathered a few of the most common questions and answered them here for your …

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