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One of our most popular categories of treatments at KDR MedSpa & Wellness are our injectables. We provide both a variety of neurotoxin injectables like Botox Cosmetic and Dysport as well as dermal fillers like Juvéderm. Injectables like Botox Cosmetic can help smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. If you are interested in booking an injectable treatment with either our Boston or Newton office, please give us a call! 

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Botox vs Dysport Injections in Boston

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Here at KDR MedSpa & Wellness, we believe the key to the best outcomes for our clients is to offer a variety of treatment options. By offering multiple treatments, we are able to create tailored treatment plans for our clients based on their goals, previous experiences, comfort levels, etc. It all starts with a quick consultation with our team. During the consultation members of our team will discuss your aesthetic goals and provide information about which treatment or combination of treatments is going to help you get your best results. We offer both Dysport and Botox Cosmetic at our Boston & Newton offices. Both of these treatments utilize neurotoxins that help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


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What Are The Benefits of Botox Cosmetic Injections?

Pre & Post Treatment Information About Botox Cosmetic Injections

Should I Get Botox & Fillers Together?

Many clients of ours have seen great results by combining Botox and Fillers together. It is very common for patients who are looking to not only decrease the visibility of lines and wrinkles but also add volume to their cheeks or lips. Fillers like Juvéderm can also help treat different types of wrinkles and lines than Botox Cosmetic. While Botox Cosmetic can help decrease the visibility of lines and wrinkles that are caused by muscle movements in the face (i.e. lines around your forehead or nose), fillers can help with lines around your cheeks by adding volume to them. One way of looking at it is that Botox Cosmetic can help with dynamic wrinkles, while dermal fillers can help with static wrinkles. 

What Are Dynamic Wrinkles & How Does Botox Cosmetic Help?

Dynamic wrinkles are simply the wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions around your face. When the same muscle is moved over and over again it can create a fold that causes wrinkles. For example the “elevens” are two parallel lines that appear between your eyebrows that are caused by eyebrow movement. “Bunny lines” are lines that appear when you scrunch your nose. Glabellar lines are the horizontal lines that form on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows. Over the years these lines appear more and more pronounced, even when your face is resting. Botox Cosmetic and Dysport work by relaxing the muscles that cause these lines which helps decrease their visibility. By contrast, static lines and wrinkles are not formed by muscle contractions and are always present. 

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What Have People Said About Botox at KDR MedSpa?

What Other Treatments Help With Lines & Wrinkles Other Than Botox?

There are many different treatments that can help clients with lines, wrinkles, and de-aging. First off, there are other injectables that either use different formulas or are used for different areas. Treatments like Dysport work similarly to Botox Cosmetic but clients often report that they notice results sooner but their results do not always last as long. Other injectables like Kybella are used for reshaping the chin and jawline. Outside of injectables, laser skin resurfacing treatments, PRP (platelet rich-plasma), and skin treatments like Glo2Facial can all help with de-aging. 

How Do I Get The Best Botox Results In Boston?

First and foremost, Botox Cosmetic injections do not provide immediate results. If you are planning on getting injections before a big event like a wedding, you need to give yourself at least a week for the results to come-in fully and to make sure any redness has disappeared. 

You should avoid touching or rubbing the treated areas for at least 24 hours after you receive your injections. Touching the injection sites can cause the Botox to spread out and not affect the muscles as intended. 

Sunscreen, hydration, skincare regimens! The best way to maximize the effect of your Botox Cosmetic treatment is to keep your skin healthy. Dehydration, sun damage, and dry skin can cause wrinkles. Make sure you drink plenty of water, wear suncreen when you are outdoors (don’t forget to reapply it), and use skincare products recommended by your Botox Cosmetic provider to keep your skin healthy.

Learn More About Botox Cosmetic & Other Injectables from the KDR Boston Team

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When Should I Get Botox Before A Big Event?

If you are thinking about getting injectables before your own wedding or a wedding you are going to, the best way to pick the best fillers and injectables is by working with a provider. They can tailor a treatment plan based on your specific goals. For example, if you are looking to get rid of

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Frequently Asked Questions About Botox

We provide free consultations for patients who want more information about their experience with Botox. Express your expectations and concerns to your practitioner, and in return, we can discuss potential treatment options for you! If you choose to do Botox, we will assess your facial expressions and create a personal treatment plan.  We’re excited to

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Afraid Of Needles? Don’t Let That Stop You From Getting Botox & Fillers!

Botox & Filler Injections Fillers & Botox are some of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures in the country. These treatments are administered with a very fine needle. Many patients are surprised that the treatment is significantly different from other injections they may have had in a medical context. The treatment is quick, convenient, and

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Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Injections

If you have any questions about Botox Cosmetic Injections, we highly recommend that you contact Kathryn Russo Aesthetics. Our office would be happy to answer any of your specific questions. We also wanted to address a few commonly asked questions:

Many different people can enjoy the benefits of Botox. The ideal candidate for Botox is a man or women in their 20s or older that are looking to reduce lines around their face. If you are unsure if Botox is right for you, please contact our office.

Lines around the mouth and eyes are caused by frequent muscle contractions. Botox Cosmetic works by relaxing these muscles for a short period of time. This reduces the visibility of facial wrinkles and lines.

Botox injections are a quick procedure. The actual injection period can take under 10 minutes. Appointments can range around 30 minutes. This includes time before and after the injection.

Results from Botox are seen after 24-48 hours. Results vary from patient to patient. The average patient will see results for four months. Based on your aesthetic goals, your physician may recommend a follow up appointment at an appropriate time.

Botox treatments have little downtime. Most patients can immediately return to their daily schedule after getting injections. When you get Botox Cosmetic, your provider will recommend the appropriate treatment for the areas you want to address and can advise you on how to proceed with your day.

Some patients report feeling a slight pinch when receiving Botox injections. If you are concerned about any sensations, you can ask your provider to use a numbing cream or similar numbing agent to help prevent any issues.

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Disclaimer: Please include non-medical questions and correspondence only.

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