Emsculpt Body Contouring Treatments

Along with our amazing suite of aesthetic services, we are happy to provide a suite of body transforming procedures through our partnership with EMSCULPT New England. We work with their team to provide our patients with life changing procedures like EMSCULPT, EMTONE, and EMSELLA. Together these treatments help patients build muscle, treat cellulite, and promote sexual health and wellbeing.

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Build Muscle with EMSCULPT​


EMSCULPT is a revolutionary body contouring procedure that helps improve strength, reduce fat, and tone muscles. It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and requires 0 downtime. EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic technology to force muscle groups to contract thousands of times in just 30 minutes. After four sessions you will not only see the results but feel them as your body gets stronger.

Treatment Areas for EMSCULPT:

The EMSCULPT applicators can be used to strengthen muscles around the abdomen and glutes. If you are looking to flatten your stomach or increase strength in your glutes, EMSCULPT can help. And with special applicators, EMSCULPT can also be used to help men and women strengthen their calves and biceps.

Benefits of EMSCULPT

  • Non-Invasive Body Contouring
  • Can help strengthen muscles around your body
  • Zero recovery time
  • Quick treatments with fast results
  • Feel more energized and stronger in your core, glutes, etc.

EMSCULPT Before & After's

What People Are Saying About Kathryn Russo Medical Aesthetics

Aliza W.

I have been seeing Kathryn Russo, NP for over five years. She is very thorough, honest, and artistic. She has treated me with Botox, fillers, and PRP. I found her through a friend and it has been life-changing. Thank you so much!


I’ve been going to Kathryn for about a year. I am so pleased I made the switch to this office. Appointments run on time and are easy to schedule. I love the text/email reminders on upcoming appointments. She is knowledgeable of ALL products to make the best suggestion for your needs. She is open and honest which is extremely important with any injection. She’s an awesome injector. I’ve never had a single issue with any of the treatments I’ve had. I have seen Kathryn for the following: Botox & dysport, restylane, sculptra, viora treatments (back of legs), Voluma. Highly recommend!

Kristin G.

I am so happy I was able to meet Kathryn Russo. For someone new to injectables/ terrified of needles I could not have been in better hands. I truly appreciated her transparency about the Botox process. In addition, her knowledge and professionalism was very much appreciated. Her skill truly impressed me in office and I was delighted with my results. I left the office feeling educated as well as confident in $ spent.

Lauren D.

I started botox last year at the age of 37 on my forehead. I had other concerns i.e. gummy smile but Kathryn was the first to suggest botox in my upper lip rather than filler. This was a game changer and made the biggest difference in my smile. Kathryn is beautiful inside and out and so is her staff that goes the extra mile for every body.


Kathryn is now my go to girl for anything I’m getting done with my face now. She’s so nice and funny and keeps it real with whatever you want to get done. Doesn’t pressure you into anything. So far I've seen her for Botox and filler. So far very happy with the results. Very convenient for all the newton ladies (men too).

Frequently Asked Questions About EMSCULPT

If you have any questions about EMSCULPT treatments, we highly recommend that you contact Kathryn Russo Aesthetics. Our office would be happy to answer any of your specific questions. We also wanted to address a few commonly asked questions:

EMSCULPT uses non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology) to make muscles contract quickly. Every time we do a squat, crunch, or bicep curl we contract our muscles. EMSCULPT works by causing thousands of micro-contractions very quickly over a short period of time. This leads to muscle development in the treated area.

EMSCULPT procedure feels very similar to an intense workout and you will likely feel sore the next day. Some clients also report a tingling or prickling sensation during the treatment. The machine can be adjusted as necessary as well.

EMSCULPT does not have any downtime or pre/post treatment needs. However, you may feel sore the same way you would after an intense workout.

Most EMSCULPT providers recommend multiple treatments, usually around four. Most clients notice increased muscle mass and decreased fat about 2-4 weeks after their fourth treatment.

EMSCULPT results are similar to the results you would get from intense workout training, they can last for 6 months, but can last longer if you exercise regularly.

Make Your EMSCULPT Appointment in Newton

For years Kathryn Russo has been providing great medical aesthetic procedures in the Greater Boston area. If you have questions about EMSCULPT or another aesthetic procedure, please contact our office or set up a consultation. We would be happy to go over your goals and potential procedures at our office in Newton during the consultation process.

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