Customizable Facial Treatments With Glo2Facial

GLo2Facials are completely customizable! We have Glo2Facial machines at both of our offices in Boston and Newton. With these treatments we can help our clients deeply exfoliate their skin and get better results by utilizing additional treatments including lymphatic massages and ultrasound. If you are interested in clearer, healthier skin that glows, contact us to discuss Glo2Facials at either of our offices, or read on for more information about this treatment. 

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Get The Most Out of Glo2Facials With These Three Treatments


Glo2Facials use OxyPods that interact with a primer gel to gently exfoliate your skin. Small CO2-rich bubbles interact with your skin to help provide oxygen to the deeper layers of your skin. This helps improve your skin health.


Our Lux treatment uses Lite Ultrasound which creates small micro vibrations that help smooth skin. These vibrations also make it easier for nutrients to permeate through your skin, helping you get more from your facial.


Glo2Facials can include a relaxing lymphatic massage which helps sculpt the face as well as help reduce redness and puffiness around the skin. This also helps infuse active ingredients from your facial deeper into your skin.


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What Are The Benefits of CO2 Rich Bubbles, Ultrasound, and Lymphatic Massages?

Glo2Facial combines a variety of top technologies to help clients get the most out of their facials. These technologies include creating a CO2-rich environment and providing Lite Ultrasound, and lymphatic massages. 

  • Benefits of CO2 For Facials: CO2 or carbon dioxide has many benefits for our skin. CO2 helps deliver oxygen deep into our skin which makes it easier for skin tissue to heal. This can help with blemishes as well as the overall appearance and smoothness of your skin. 
  • Benefits of Ultrasound For Facials: Ultrasound involves creating small vibrations that help make it easier for the skin to open and absorb nutrients from your facial treatment. These vibrations also help improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin.
  • Benefits of Lymphatic Massages For Facials: Our lymphatic system exists throughout our body and can sometimes lead to swelling or puffiness. A Lymphatic massage breaks up blockages and helps decrease swelling as well as redness around the skin. 

Treatment Options With Glo2Facial

Glo2Facials are completely customizable! This means that clients can pick the treatments that work best for their skin and their needs. Some treatment options include:


This treatment combines bamboo charcoal with willow bark and can help treat oily or acne-prone skin. It helps remove dirt and other impurities.


Detox uses green tea and marula oil to treat irritated skin or skin that is frequently exposed to environmental elements including allergens. It can help sooth irritated skin. 


This treatment uses rosehip oil and silk amino acids to help fight the early signs of aging by moisturizing and improving elasticity of the skin.


Our Hydrate option uses hyaluronic acid and blue spirulina to help treat dry skin by improving skin’s moisture retention and enhancing hydration.


This treatment uses vitamin C and tree bark to help help address issues with pigmentation and uneven skin tones.


Our retouch facial helps exfoliate and clarify the skin while encouraging the renewal of health skin tissue.

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Disclaimer: Please include non-medical questions and correspondence only.

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