Joylux For Women's Sexual Wellness in Newton & Boston

At our practice in Newton, we provide a variety of medical and aesthetic procedures that are designed to help men and women improve their health. From helping smooth skin to providing vitamins via IV treatments, we are dedicated to helping individuals’ health & beauty goals. This includes a few procedures that can help women with their sexual health. We perform PRP treatments including the O-Shot to help women handle menopause symptoms, improve sexual health, increase sensations, and help address sexual function issues. Additionally, we provide Joylux’s vFit Plus home wellness device.

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What Are Joylux's Home Wellness Devices?

Joylux is a company that manufactures at-home devices that can help women improve their sexual health. These products utilize red-light technology to help rejuvenate and repair nerves/tissue. This can help women improve their sexual health by increasing sensation and the production of collagen to repair skin tissue. The vFit Plus is easy to use, effective, and natural. Patients often notice improvements in just a few weeks after beginning treatments. And by combining vFit at-home treatments with the O-shot PRP treatment women can see even greater results.

What Does Joylux Treat?

Our Joylux vFit equipment is designed to treat various menopause symptoms including sexual function issues. As we age, women may notice many changes in their sexual health. Sex doesn’t need to be a taboo topic. We believe that women should feel empowered to seek sexual solutions that can help them enjoy sex more thoroughly and address issues related to menopause. That is why we provide both in-office procedures like the O-Shot and at-home solutions like Joylux’s vFit Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joylux

If you have any questions about sexual wellness procedures or home wellness equipment please contact our office. We would be more than happy to discuss your questions and help you achieve your sexual health goals. Below are a few common questions patients often have about vFit Plus.

Using your vFit Plus is easy. First, you will want to make sure your vFit Plus is fully charged. It is recommended that you charge it for a full 24 hours before your first use. It is also recommended that you use a water-based gel to help with insertion. Once it is ready. simply choose your light mode and press the power button to get started. For more information please use the video tutorials provided by vFit.

In a consumer study done by vFit women were encouraged to use their device every other day for ten minutes at a time. This was done over the course of two months. These women reported increased sexual pleasure and enhanced comfort. After their two month period, users were recommended to continue using vFit plus one or two times each week to continue to maintain their results.

Yes, Joylux has said that it is completely safe for women to use their products during menstruation. However, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they would like to use their vFit Plus while on their period. Some women may decide to take a few days off and resume use after their period is over.

You should clean your vFit plus before your first use and after each subsequent use. To clean, use warm water and antibacterial soap with a non-abrasive cloth. Do not use a dishwasher or submerge the vFit Plus under water when cleaning. Allow the vFit to air dry and store it in a place where it will not exposed to dust and dirt.

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