Radiesse Facial Injections & Butt Lifts

Do you want to get rid of lines and wrinkles on your face and hands? With Radiesse® dermal fillers, you can erase fine lines. Radiesse works by stimulating your body’s own production of collagen, a fundamental protein that makes our skin look younger and smoother. Radiesse gives women and men a natural look by stimulating collagen production, and it can be used to treat facial lines as well as treat hands.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Radiesse Injections

If you have any additional questions about Radiesse injections for treatment of the face, hands, or buttocks, please contact our office. Kathryn Russo and her team of medical aesthetic practitioners would be happy to answer any of your questions at aconsultation.

The effects of Radiesse injections can last up to a full year after the initial treatment. Many patients will schedule “touch-up” appointments after their results start to go away.

Typically after a patient receives Radiesse a patient will see their full results one week to two weeks after their treatment. The results tend to last around a full year.

Radiesse works by building collagen. Collagen is a protein that is fundamental to the structure of skin cells. Radiesse injections increase the collagen in the treated area which leads to smoother healthier skin.

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Disclaimer: Please include non-medical questions and correspondence only.

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