What Are MIC Injections For Weightloss

MIC Injections are a popular weight loss treatment provided by many medical aesthetic and wellness facilities. They are commonly used in IV Therapy and combine Vitamin B-12 with Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. In this article, we will discuss how these compounds work, results patients can expect from MIC injections or IV Therapy, and other weight loss treatments you might be interested in. For patients in the Boston and Newton area, we have two offices that can help you meet your aesthetic and wellness goals. Contact us for more information. 

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What Ingredients Are in MIC IV Therapy & Injections?

MIC injections are popular combination of compounds because of how they help influence weight loss. The three ingredients that make up the acronym are Methionine, Inositol and Choline. Together these ingredients provide many benefits to how our body interacts with fat cells and the food we eat. However, they are not a magical potion that instantly transforms the body. Instead they provide some core benefits. 

Breaking Down Existing Body Fat: The body has a system for removing excess fat that is no longer needed. Inositol (the I in the acronym) helps with this process by triggering the breakdown of fat cells. Choline (the C in the acronym) helps with the metabolization of fat. Our bodies “burn” fat when they use fat cells as energy sources. The ingredients in an MIC injection help trigger this process and increase how our body undergoes this process. Generally our body wants to prevent itself from using fat cells or metabolizing a lot of our fat cells. In our hunter gatherer origins, fat cells were a great way to keep the body functioning when food was scarce. Because of that, our bodies try to store fat and avoid burning it unless necessary. This injection works by encouraging the body to burn fat. So when you exercise while taking these injections, your body is more likely to start using fat stores as energy and use more of them than it might normally. And when you eat a healthy diet you decrease the fat your body has access to to replace these sells. 

Increased Energy: Another benefit of MIC injections is something that isn’t in the acronym. Most MIC injections also have vitamin B12. This vitamin helps our bodies break down carbs, fats, and other nutrients and use them efficiently. One of the huge hurdles for a lot of people when dieting and exercising is the energy loss. Less food and more exercise can lead to feeling sluggish. Vitamin B12 helps increase the efficiency of your body. So while you are burning more energy and potentially consuming less, your body still feels energized. 

What Other Weight Loss Options Do I Have?

Many practices like ours offer different solutions that can help improve your weight loss journey. At the core almost anything offered by a health and wellness practice is going to have a similar process. Different medications and injections will help make your body more efficient but won’t do the work for you. In a sense, it is a boost on your workouts and diets. In a lot of situations procedures like hormone replacement therapy or Semaglutide injections all have a similar basis. They are replacing or modifying the chemicals in our bodies that are responsible for keeping our energy burning efficient. In order for them to work, the patient has to pursue diet and exercise plans. In terms of which one is right for you, a practice like ours can help you determine what treatment works for you based on your goals, previous experiences, etc. 

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