What Are The Benefits of Customizable Facials?

When it comes to skincare, everyone’s needs are different. That is why personalized or customized skincare treatments are so popular. A personalized approach to skincare can help clients address specific concerns like hydration, deep cleansing, anti-aging, or specific blemishes like acne. In this article, we will discuss how to get a customized facial, what types of facials are out there, and more. If you live in the Boston or Newton area and are interested in customized skincare treatment, please contact our team. 

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How Can A Customized Facial Help Your Skin?

There are many different ways that customized facials can help improve your skin health. Understanding what your goals are or what your concerns are can help ensure you get the best results when setting up skincare treatments. Some examples of things that skincare treatments can address include: 

  • Acne & Acne Scarring: Facials can help you address the leading causes of acne like blocked pores and oily skin as well as help heal skin that has been scarred by acne. 
  • Anti-Aging: There are facials both for treating the signs of aging as well as helping prevent those signs in the first place. These facials often use ingredients like hyaluronic acid to promote the development of new healthy skin. 
  • Smoothing Skin: There are other facials that can help improve the smoothness of skin as well as the overall elasticity of the skin. 

What Happens During A Customized Facial

There are many different types of facials as well as other skincare treatments a medspa might recommend. When you book a customized facial with KDR MedSpa & Wellness for example, we will start by talking with you about your goals, any concerns you have, and other information about your skincare. Once we have picture of what you need, we can recommend a single facial or treatment plan. We use Glow2Facial along with other treatments that are able to provide multiple different services including ultrasound technology as well as a lymphatic massage. After your treatment we often recommend skincare products to take home and use to help improve your results and keep your results long term.

What Other Skincare Treatments Are Recommended?

Depending on your skincare goals, some practices might recommend additional skincare treatments instead of or in addition to your facial. For example, injectables can help decrease the signs of lines and wrinkles and also help add volume to the face. There are also a variety of other skincare treatments like dermabrasion, radiofrequency technology, microneedling, and similar procedures that help target deeper into the skin. Facials are often great at promoting health on the topmost layers of skin, but for more dramatic results, laser or other skin resurfacing tools might be recommended. 

Skincare Treatments Provided in Boston and Newton MA

If you live in and around Boston or Newton Massachusetts, and are interested in skincare treatments, we would be happy to schedule an appointment at either of our two offices. 

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