What Is The O-Shot & Does It Work?

Have you heard of the O-Shot or the orgasm shot? Many women across the country have had this treatment done to improve their sexual wellness. But what is an O-Shot, how does it work, and what results can you expect?

Generally speaking, women have a much more complex relationship with sexual satisfaction and health compared to men. Women often experience individual differences from one another and see greater changes in their sexual health as they age compared to men. Changes in libido, the ability to orgasm, frequency/strength of orgasms, and the body’s natural ability to create lubrication can all significantly change in the course of a woman’s life. For women who want to get more out of their sexual activity but are held back by any of those symptoms, the O-Shot can help.

Does The O-Shot Use Drugs?

One of the common misconceptions around the O-shot is that it uses some sort of pharmaceutical cocktail or specialized hormones to improve women’s sexual health. In fact, the O-shot only uses your body’s naturally occurring platelets through a treatment known as platelet-rich plasma injections. PRP procedures involve taking a sample of blood and sifting out all of the red and white blood cells so just the platelets remain. Platelets often are used when our body needs to heal and create new tissue. If you get a scrape or a paper cut, your platelets instigate the process of creating new skin cells to repair the damaged area. PRP procedures are used for a variety of treatments from decreasing hair loss to improving the smoothness of the skin around the face. By injecting concentrated platelet-rich plasma in different areas around the body, you can encourage your body’s stem cells into rejuvenating the skin cells and nerve cells in a specific area.

How Does The O-Shot Help Women Gain Sexual Pleasure?

During an O-Shot procedure, a small amount of blood will be taken and placed within a centrifuge. This machine will remove the unneeded parts of the blood leaving behind concentrated platelets. The practitioner will then numb the treatment area (the upper vagina and clitoral area). Then the platelets are injected. This will cause your body to almost immediately rejuvenate these areas with new cells. Women report feeling increased sensitivity and sensation. Additionally, it can increase the production of natural lubricant which can decrease the pain felt during sex. Some women have even reported that the O-shot has decreased the symptoms of urinary incontinence.

How Long Does The O-Shot Last?

Women who get the O-shot report feeling changes almost immediately, with the peak being about three months after the initial procedure. On average, women experience the effects of this procedure anywhere from one year to a year and a half after the procedure. Some women, choose to get multiple rounds of the O-Shot to increase the benefits. However, it is recommended that women wait at least 8 weeks between procedures.

Get The O-Shot in Greater Boston

Kathryn Russo Aesthetics, located in Newton, provides the O-shot as well as other PRP procedures. If you have more questions about the O-shot and how it can help you, Kathryn would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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